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Sponsor a person

We currently support 20 people with severe disabilities. We provide them with access to basic necessities including: medical treatment, schools and clothing. We also provide monetary allowances, carry out welfare checks and hold social events to make them feel part of a community.


Help us to continue this service by sponsoring a person with disabilities for a year for just £150 or £12.50 a month.


Build a house

Many of our service users live in squalor and awful living conditions. This often contributes to the deterioration of their existing health issues. With the help of our supporters, we have been able to build homes for three of our service users. Read here to find out who we were able to help.


Make a donation now to help us rescue another family from uninhabitable living conditions.


During the Islamic month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world fast until sunset. But for many living in poverty, their fasts do not end. Each year, we run Ramadan Appeals to feed hungry families in Bangladesh. We provide them with food packs to ensure they have access to food for a month.


To find out more about our Ramadan Appeals, read here.  



Emergency Appeal

Bangladesh is prone to natural disasters such as flooding, cyclones and earthquakes. These render millions of families homeless and without food. During such crises, we run emergency appeals providing food relief packages to impoverished families.


In 2018, Moulvibazaar, a district in Bangladesh was severely flooded. In response to this, we ran an emergency appeal and were able to supply food packages to over 1000 families in the district.


Our projects

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