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meet Some of the people we support


Ismail Miah

Ismail contracted typhoid fever at the age of 2. Although he survived the disease, this left him with severe disabilities and permanent brain damage. He and his family relied on his father’s meager income to get by. This meant he was unable to afford necessary medical treatment.

Moshood Boksh began supporting Ismail in 2014 with funds raised in the UK. After he set up MMJ Foundation in 2015, Ismail was one of the first to receive support from the charity.


Ismail has been receiving continuous support since then including: a monthly allowance, medical support, the medical costs of him and his family being covered, physiotherapy sessions, home refurbishment, monthly outings with lunches provided and support as and when required. 


Rakhatun Begum

Rakhatun lived in a slum with her family almost all her life. At a young age, she caught typhoid fever in these awful conditions. This left her with severe physical impairments. She and her family could not afford her expensive treatment.

The charity began supporting her from 2015. Like Ismail, she receives: monthly allowances, physiotherapy sessions, medical care with costs covered and monthly outings with lunch provided. With the help of Aireen Miah, the charity was able to build her a house. She was also enrolled into a primary school to fulfil her lifelong wish of receiving an education.  


Mohammed Rokhi Miah

Rokhi suffered from polio as a young child. This left him mute with physical impairments. Unable to move by himself, he was usually confined to his bedroom.

He began receiving support from 2015. He was immediately given a wheelchair, making it easier for him to go outside. He receives: a monthly allowance, physiotherapy sessions, access to medical care with costs covered and fun monthly outings with lunch provided. This has all given him a new lease of life, and he looks forward to each monthly outing. 


Sumon Miah

Sumon's profile will be updated soon. 


Mohammed Fahim Ahmed

Fahim's profile will be updated soon. 


Mohammed Rumel Ahmed

Rumel's profile will be updated soon. 


Sayeim Hussain Nahim

Sayeim's profile will be updated soon. 

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Tanjima Begum

Tanjima's profile will be updated soon. 


Fahim Ahmed

Fahim's profile will be updated soon. 

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